Lowes Family Counseling About Us

Lowes Family Counseling is dedicated to helping battered women and individuals addicted to prescription and illegal drugs. Our trained staff of certified/licensed professionals truly cares about every client we touch. In a manner that is compassionate and non-judgmental we want to show our consumers that our doors are open to them when they need help and don’t know where to turn.


We are Oklahoma City’s foremost assessment and counseling center providing our clients with the resources they need to put their lives back together. Our goal is providing effective mental health and substance abuse services in an environment that is professional, safe and supportive. We foster hope through integrity, dignity and compassion. Our high success rate speaks for itself; we have been recognized as being amongst the most effective service providers in Oklahoma. We believe everyone has the ability to become the change they want to see when empowered with the necessary knowledge, tools, and support.

Lowes Family Counseling offers an extensive array of services designed to improve the quality of life for our clients’ and give them the fresh start they need to become successful. Our services include DUI Services, Substance Abuse Assessments/Treatment, Mental Health Assessments/Treatment and Batterers Intervention Services. We provide Out-Patient Behavioral Health Therapeutic Services office/home based, intended for adults and adolescences, administered in individual , family or group settings.

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Our innovative, state of the art techniques make our clients want to be a part of their treatment and that often becomes the first step in their overall success. When you choose Lowes Family Counseling, you are making a choice that will positively affect your life now and well into the future. Make the right choice; partner with us today!

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